How do I use my pre-printed returns label?

Please note that pre-printed returns label will only be inside Domestic USA orders.
For Canada customers please see the help center article HERE.


Package your goods with all original packaging (including your shoe box) with your receipt and completed returns form.

  • Securely attach the pre-printed returns label to the front of your return.
  • You will be issued with a Fedex or UPS returns label - please carefully check your label for the name of the provider (Fedex or UPS) and head to to the relevant website¬† or ¬† to find your closest drop off location.
Pre-printed Returns Cost

The pre-printed label is not a free service. The cost of using our pre-printed returns label is $12.50.

Once we receive your return we will refund or provide a credit to you for the value of your returned items, minus the balance of the label, $12.50.

Not using our pre-printed label?

If you do not want to use the label provided for you, you are welcome to send your return to the below address.
Tony Bianco c/o NRI Distribution
13200 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, California
USA 90061 | +1 3232 092 676
Please note that you choose a registered, traceable postage service with a reputable postage provider. Tony Bianco is unable to provide a refund or credit for any packages that do not arrive safely to our warehouse.

Jun 25, 2021

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